Army Box - Fantasy Skirmisher

Army Box - Fantasy Skirmisher

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Miniature display and transport box

The Sci Fi Skirmisher is a great little box to display your miniatures and keep them safe and dust free.

Featuring a steel base layer, it provides a strong surface for magnetized models, keeping them safer from knocks when on display. And it also doubles as a handy transport option. The clear acrylic front also means you won’t need to open it up to make sure you’ve got the right models. Meanwhile the solid back keeps the contents hidden from undeserving eyes (great for hidden deployment!) until the right time.

The interior dimensions and height allows for a good sized skirmishing model collection, with the odd tall gribbly, to be carried inside.

The design allows for stacking on top of each other, with a lipped edge to avoid movement.

Internal space dimensions: 27cm x 9cm and 11cm high

Made from laser cut MDF, acrylic and prepainted Colorsteel. Requires simple assembly.