Clear Raised Dice Tray

Clear Raised Dice Tray

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The perfect dice tray for your battlefield!

With a raised rolling platform for easy placement over terrain or models, this dice tray is ready to roll some 6’s (not guaranteed….as seen on Tabletop!).

The clear acrylic means the dice numbers are easily viewable by all around the table, so your enemies can quickly see how many casualties to remove ??

Comes standard with Battle Kiwi logo, or customised with laser engraved custom markings  to match your army or game by enquiry.

Tray dimensions: 158mmx260mmx30mm.
Platform Height: 8cm space underneath.

Requires assembly with acrylic friendly glue (not superglue!)

*Custom factions and markings available on request! TTB Patreons can request TTB logo at standard price!*