Infinity Battle Box

Infinity Battle Box

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Infinity ‘ly Useful…

And the near future universe erupts in celebratory cheers as the Infinity Battle Box is released into the wild.

The Infinity Battle Box is designed especially for token happy games – never again will you fumble around wasting valuable strategical thinking time looking for that status token you need!
The multiple compartments neatly organises them all. Lift out the token tray and you’ll find all the rest of your junk tactical strike coordination tools.

Need to find your templates? They’re in your Battle Box!
Wondering where your tape measure is? It’s in your Battle Box!
How about those Silhouette Markers …yep you guessed it, they’re in your Battle Box too!
Smoke Markers….Objective Cards…Emergency First Aid super glue…Life sustaining chocolate bar…laser line…those treacherous things you throw around praying for certain numbers to appear….. OH YES!, They’re all in there!

And if that’s enough, the Battle Box* lid is a dice tray (with faux leather lining), to help coax your personal rolling traitors to higher levels of performance.

Battle Box closed dimensions: 26cm x 16cm x 8cm
*also compatible with our other dice trays.