SW Destiny Battle Box

SW Destiny Battle Box

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“Never tell me the odds!

Get yourself organised and up your odds of quickly finding the dice you need. This battle box is designed to be used for the Star Wars Destiny game and has lots of space to get you into battle fast!

Comes complete and ready to use, with multiple component areas for your dice, card decks and tokens. Organise your dice and card decks so you can quickly jump straight into the game. And the ‘living hinge’ lid design features a lipped edge so you can use it as your rolling area!

  • Holds up to 50 dice
  • Space for 3 separate card decks
  • 3 token holder areas
  • Lid works as a dice rolling area

The stylish box looks great and can be used as is, or paint it up for a truly unique battle box!

Deluxe Upgrade Option: Features faux leather lined lid interior for smooth rolling.
Made from laser cut MDF, with elastic closure. Dimensions approx 30x22cm.

*dice, cards and tokens in images not included and are for example usage purpose only* 

The force is strong with this one