X-wing 2.0 Manoeuvre + Range Templates

X-wing 2.0 Manoeuvre + Range Templates

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Get 2 point O’d, with this complete set of move templates and shooting range rulers for Xwing the game. Precision laser cut in 3 mm acrylic and marked to look sharp on the tabletop. Has all the moves** and full range set and Corner Shifter widget to mark your spaceship placement during complicated moves.
Templates are marked with symbols to quickly identify the one you need.

Templates are supplied unpainted – but come premasked for quick and easy painting. Paint your chosen colour, let dry and then simply peel off!

Full Set Includes:

3 x Soft Turn
3 x Hard Turn
5 x Straight Move.
1 x 3 Range
1 x 2 Range
1 x 1 Range
1 x Corner Shifter widget

* Sounds effects not included
**Pilot skills not included either